Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that the world of Payroll and Human Resources can be complicated. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions as it relates to our services.

  1. If I am bi-weekly or semi-monthly payroll processor, do I need to pay overtime if the employee worked over 40 hours in the first week and just 35 hours the next week?Yes. If the employee works over 40 hours in any given week, they should be paid overtime.
  2. How do I run a manual check if I forget to pay an employee on payroll?If you need to run a manual check, you could either call the office or go online to my website and login to the Client Login link at the top of the page to produce the manual check. There is no fee for this service.
  3. Can you help me send my payroll reports to my workers comp carrier for my yearend audit?Absolutely! Call Capitol City Payroll and provide the staff with the address to send the reports and we will be more than happy to forward them on to the correct contact for you
  4. Can you track my employees PTO/ Sick balances?We can track this. We know how helpful it is to keep track of these especially when there are multiple employees in your office.
  5. I need to set up an IRA and Medical Deduction for my employees. Can your payroll software accommodate this service?Yes. Contact us for more information on this service.
  6. How do I get access to my check stubs and copies of my W2’s?We offer a service called Employee Self Service to each employee. You can access it through the Employee Portal link at the top of each page or click here.
  7. Can you pay my employee’s that work in multiple states?Capitol City payroll can pay employees’ payroll taxes in 50 states.
  8. How do I submit my payroll to you? Online, email in?Capitol City payroll gives our clients 3 different options:
    1. Email payroll in to Shawn@capcitypay.com.
    2. Go online and submit payroll at your leisure by clicking the Client Login (link also at the top of the page.)
    3. Call in your payroll to a live person.
  9. My CPA and Bookkeeper need report access can you provide me a login for them?Yes, we give all CPA and bookkeepers report access for no additional charge to the client.